Late Pick-up Policy

It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to pick up their child from the centre by 6:00PM. If for any reason/s the child cannot be picked up at the designated time we request that you call the centre immediately.

If a child is not picked up by 6:00PM, the attending staff will contact the parents and the emergency phone numbers. If no contact is available and the parent/guardian has not informed of any delay in picking up the child then the staff will wait until 6:30PM. The staff will then call the Centre Director, and the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), to report of the child not been picked up by the parent/guardian. The staff/director will then follow the instructions given by the CAS worker for further action. The attending staff will prepare a written report at the time of the incidence.

Outdoor Playground

Bringing and Picking Up Your Child

When you bring your child in the morning, please tell the teachers anything you think they should know about your child (i.e. slept poorly). This information is valuable to the staff so that they have a better understanding of your child's behaviour and how to help the child to cope during the day.

Your child's safety is always the staff's first priority. For this reason we request that you complete the following tasks when bringing and picking up your child.

1. Ensure that a staff member acknowledges your child's arrival in the morning.
2. When picking up your child, make certain that a staff member is aware that you are taking the child.
3. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, please notify the staff by completing and submitting the necessary form: "Alternate Pick Up/Drop Off".
Phone call authorization for release of your child will NOT be accepted.


Each day there will be one full meal at noon, consisting of meat/protein alternative, fruits, vegetables, salad, dessert, milk, and bread. Morning and afternoon snacks will also be provided at the center.

A weekly menu will be posted on the bulletin board at the beginning of every week. Please take the time to view the menu and notify the staff if you have any concerns regarding the food items.

In order to reduce the exposure to Anaphylactic causative agents (severe allergies) there will be NO outside food allowed unless approved in writing by supervisor/operator. Our menu is NUT FREE. The food provided is nutritious for all and meets every child’s dietary needs and food restrictions.


To ensure the safety of all children at the center, we ask that parents provide us with their child's immunization record prior to admittance. The child’s immunization record is an essential requirement by the Peel Health Department. If your child has not been inoculated for measles, please consult your doctor about the importance of being protected.

Young children are very susceptible to infections, and we ask for your co-operation in keeping your child at home if he/she is ill. If your child does not feel well during the day, the staff will contact a parent or the person that has been delegated for this responsibility, and ask that arrangements be made to take your child home. When a child is even mildly ill, the stimulating atmosphere of a large group of children and an active program makes it more tiring for the child. For this reason, children are better at home where they can rest more easily with fewer distractions.

There are “No Smoking” signs posted at all entrances and exits. To all parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors smoking is prohibited on the premises and in the playground.

Interviews and Observations

Observations will take place during the Winter Term and each parent will have the opportunity to observe their child for a day and discuss their observations with a staff member. A parent can also request an appointment for an interview at this time.

Field Trips

Trips will be made to special places of interest, throughout the year. Information regarding destination date and time along with permission slips to sign and return will be sent prior to going on any field trip. Parents are always welcome to accompany us.

Clothing and Shoes

All clothings should be clearly labeled with the child's name on the inside with a permanent marker. Sometimes there may be five pairs of clothing or shoes in the same size and colour.

Preschool Room 2


The school will have a party for the last day of each term, as well as Valentines Day, Halloween, etc. We believe that the school should be a fun experience, and your support during these days is much appreciated.


If you have a particular idea for a craft or a field trip, please do not hesitate to share your ideas with a staff member. If you would enjoy helping with a special craft or activity, or if you have any comments, we would like to hear from you!

Behaviour Management Policy and Discipline

According to the Day Nurseries Act, all staff members are required to strictly follow The Behavior Management Policy as stated below:

1. Corporal punishment of a child is strictly forbidden.
2. Deliberate harsh or degrading measures to be used on a child that would humiliate a child or undermine a child's self-respect is totally forbidden.
3. Deprivation of a child of basic needs, for example, food, shelter, clothing or bedding is forbidden.
4. Lock or permit to lock, for the purpose of confining a child, the exits of a school, is prohibited.
5. Child Abuse of any kind will NOT BE TOLERATED.
Abuse Includes: a) To suffer physical harm
b) To be sexually molested or sexually exploited.
c) To be denied of medical treatment even though it is needed.
d) To be emotionally abused

Child Abuse Policy

Child Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated at any time.
Abuse Includes:
a) physical harm
b) emotional harm
c) sexual harm
d) neglect

Any person who suspects that a child is being abused has a legal duty to report the suspected abuse directly to the Children’s Aid Society (CAS).

It is the responsibility of parents, an employee, volunteer, supply and support staff that are in contact with the children to report abuse or any suspicions of child abuse to the CAS immediately, at phone number (905) 363- 6131.


The center has very clear policies regarding discipline, which is listed below. Please feel free to question the staff and/or the supervisor should you require any additional information. We list below for your reference, very explicit policies of the center:

• Class teachers will explain to the child what type of behaviour is expected of him/her in any given situation.
• A child that has difficulty in following normal behaviour patterns will be reminded and aided in order to understand the expectation in a constructive and positive manner.
• If a child continues to disrupt the classroom, he/she will be taken to another area within the classroom and given a book or a toy.
• At each stage of this process, the child will be given the choice of remaining and behaving or being moved from the disruptive situation.

It is important that the staff adopt a consistent approach to discipline. This will help to provide children with a framework of behaviors, which are acceptable and also help the children to feel secure within the school environment.

We believe that the adult can increase the development in a child with respect to high self-esteem and competent behavior through positive guidance and by setting an appropriate model for the child to emulate.