Registration & Fee Payment

A non-refundable registration fee of $65 is required in accompaniment with the application form. A deposit equivalent to one week’s fees must be submitted at the time of registration. Post-dated cheques for the first day of every month for 12 months must be presented once the child is registered.  Registration will not be valid if the deposit is not paid and Little Superstars Management will not be required to save a space for your child.

The deposit will be used for the last week of attendance, or in case there is no notice provided for termination of care by the parent.  In case of any cancellation of registration prior to the start date the deposit will not be refunded.

Post-dated bi-weekly cheques will also be acceptable. Fees must be paid for every day the child is enrolled including days absent and all statutory holidays and closures due to inclement weather.     

There will be a charge of $42.50 for each bounced cheque. A late fee of $20 per day will be charged for overdue payments.

If fees are overdue for more than three days your child's registration will be cancelled immediately.  In case of any cheques returned unpaid by the financial institution, the one week's deposit will be used to pay the fees for that period.

For current fee structure, please contact Little Superstars at (905)-232-0059.

Tax receipts will be issued to all parents during the month of February.

Late Fee

A late fee will apply when a child is not picked up on time, as this will affect the hours of scheduled supervision provided by the staff. A 15-minute delay is acceptable in special circumstances. A late/early fee of $5 will be charged for every 30-minutes over and above the designated time. After 6:00pm the late fee is $1 per minute due to the detainment of staff beyond the regular hours.


If your child will be absent, we ask that you notify the center early in the morning so that the staff is aware. If your child is absent due to a communicable disease, a doctor's note stating that your child has recovered completely will be required when returning to school.


We request that a written notice be given two weeks in advance if the intention is to withdraw the child from the school. Fees for two weeks will be charged in the absence of a notice for withdrawal. The center reserves the right to request withdrawal of a child from the program if the Educator feels that the Program does not meet the needs of the child. Furthermore, if the parent/guardian acts in a disrespectful manner and behaviour, the supervisor/operator reserve the right to terminate care of your child effective immediately.